Defense Bends, Offense Dominates

The Titans defense did not break against a struggling Jaguars offense and their embattled head coach Urban Meyer. Yet, despite a defensive touchdown in the first series of the game, DL Teair Tart busting up a 4th and 1 run on Jacksonville’s one yard line and a 37-19 final score, the game was closer than it should have been.

Rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence threw for 273 yards and rushed for a touchdown while RB James Robinson ran for 149 yards. The Titans defense gave up 454 total yards, forcing the Jags to punt just two times.

For all that, the glass over flowed for the Titans offensively. Derrick Henry found the end zone three times, rushing for 130 yards. More impressively–in light of offensive woes inside the 20 yard line–all of the Titans four touchdowns came in the red zone. Ryan Tannehill kept the chains moving with quick passes and a few short, opportunistic scrambles. He finished the contest 14 of 22 for 197 yards with one touchdown and zero interceptions.

Listen To Gameday Recap:Defense Bends, Offense Dominates

Published by allthingsthriller

Pamela Lowe Saldana resides in the current it city of Nashville where she is the long term CAO of a thriving multimedia entertainment group, though her roots are in the oilfield plains of West Texas; there she draws inspiration and setting. An avid music lover and professional DJ, Pam's R&B and classic rock record collection at last count numbered over a thousand albums. Her book collection--well worn and loved, mostly thrillers and biographies--is not quite as large. Pam is blessed with a not so tall, but definitely dark and handsome husband and two beautiful adult daughters. She enjoys hiking, biking and tennis; and, yes, she loves football and barbecue--the Tennessee Titans and Memphis style respectively.

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