Titans Make The New York Times

Published by allthingsthriller

Pamela Lowe Saldana resides in the current it city of Nashville where she is the long term CAO of a thriving multimedia entertainment group, though her roots are in the oilfield plains of West Texas; there she draws inspiration and setting. An avid music lover and professional DJ, Pam's R&B and classic rock record collection at last count numbered over a thousand albums. Her book collection--well worn and loved, mostly thrillers and biographies--is not quite as large. Pam is blessed with a not so tall, but definitely dark and handsome husband and two beautiful adult daughters. She enjoys hiking, biking and tennis; and, yes, she loves football and barbecue--the Tennessee Titans and Memphis style respectively.

5 thoughts on “Titans Make The New York Times

    1. I agree. I like Patrick Mahomes a lot though. He’s from Texas and played for Texas Tech which is close to my home town. He’s a masterful quarterback. His father is a pro baseball player. He’s played for the Rangers, the Cubs, the Twins, the Red Sox, some other clubs as well. Patrick Mahomes is a great baseball player as well and a very good basketball player. He makes amazing throws, incorporated throwing and passing motions he picked up from baseball and basketball into his football passes. That said, I’m glad we beat the Chiefs too. It’s a great win that puts us in the elite teams. Now if we can stay there…

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      1. He is great…I thought he was going into baseball for a while.
        He acted like something was wrong yesterday. Some passes at his receiver’s feet…not like him…afterward he did get hurt…hope it’s not too bad.

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